Hey guys. I recently installed Qbittorrent and unpacked it using YaST (I'm using OpenSUSE). Now after the first computer restart after the install I get past the GRUB menu then I'm treated with this error message: kstartupconfig4 does not "exist" or fails the error code is 127. I've done tons of searching trying multiple options with no luck whatsoever. I've come down to a faulty package install.

People have also said to try "zypper" commands in the command line but every time I do I receive: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: undefined symbol:.......

I've heard people say my GCC is an old version and to type in wget inserturlhereof.zip in to the command line, however when I do that I get: failed: Network is unreachable. (I don't think this would have solved the problem anywhay).

Again, this all happened right after I installed qbittorrent and preceded to restart my computer

my next step would be to uninstall the packages that came with qbittorrent when i downloaded it however I can't find which packages those are. Can someone please t give any insight into what might be causing this problem?

I'm quite the Linux noob so far so please be kind to me :P.