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Thread: VPS on OpenSuse

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    VPS on OpenSuse

    Hi all, I am new to Suse and wanted to ask how I can go about installing a mail server on my VPS. I have just an IP address and no domain name linked to the server. Will it be possible to still set up an email server. Also what are all the tools needed, I know about MTA's e.g. Postfix. Thanks

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    Sure, you can setup an email server on your VPS even though it doesn't have a name in DNS.

    You say you know postfix, so just set that up as normal.

    There are only two reasons why I would think you would want to do this.
    1) You have an internal network and you want all the hosts inside to be able to relay mail through your SLES box to the Internet. The problem you will have is that when your mail server connects to a random SMTP server on the Internet and says "helo", anti-spam controls may kick in and your email will not be accepted. You'll see something like, "you don't have a reverse DNS entry". To fix that, you'll need a PTR record in DNS (some places are so fascist that they will not accept mail unless your forward and reverse DNS entries match).

    2) If you really want someone to be able to deliver mail to your mail server, though, you will have to advertise it in DNS. You must setup two entries for this to happen. You will need an 'A' record and an MX record. For example, my domain has: 600 IN A 600 IN MX 10

    If you are hard-core about making sure that your mail is accepted everywhere, as I mentioned in point 1 above, you'll need a matching PTR:
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