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    Audio device issue, only for non root users?!!!

    Hey there,
    Im banging my head against the wall trying to get my HD5450 cards audio output to show up for my root user...

    Maybe alitle history first:
    Im running openSuse 12.1(with xfce window manager) on a HP proliant microserver with intention of using it as a HTPC.

    Ive set up XBMC Media Center and finaly figured out how to get the VAAPI (Video acceleration) working with my HD5450, problem is that ive messed up and need to run XBMC as root for it to work.

    Now, to the issue, when i start XBMC as a "regular" user i can see and choose my HD5450 audio output as expected, but then im not allowed to run with VAAPI enabled (this is the misstake i did somewere on the way).
    If i on the other hand run XBMC as root, then i can run it Video Accelerated but the audio part cant recognice my HD5450s sound card(ish).

    When i check the audio device in YAST (sound configuration) it's detected as a ATI technology inc "Card model", next step if i check the xfce4-mixer as a non-root user i see a Manhattan HDMI Audio [Mobile Radeon HD 5000 series] Digital Stereo (HDMI) (Pulseaudio Mixer). If i check the same program (xfce4-mixer) but executed as root, then the only choice i have is a HD Audio Generic (Alsa mixer).

    My first thought was that I as a root user had some issue getting the pulseAudio to work but frankly im lost.
    This is my first experience ever, having a expected result from a non-root user and not from the root user. >_<

    Im running with ATIs proprietary drivers atm.

    Bottom line: Can someone explain to me why my root user cant see my HD5450 sound "card" and how to get my root user to see and enable the choice in xfce4-mixer.

    I hope there is someone out here that can shine alitle light over this.

    With regards.

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    Al tho this question haven't been answered and i still don't know why it's behaving as it is, Ive decided to put this as solved as I have made some changes which no longer require this question to be answered.

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