I have a Windows 2008 R2 Domain Controller authenticating a bunch of multi-boot workstations. All authenticate through Windows: AD for Windows, NIS under AD for Linux. To complicate matters, there is a NAS on which user files are stored. The NAS is a SnapServer 520 running GuadianOS 6.5, a Linux flavor. It authenticates through Windows AD.

When a file/folder is created under Windows on the NAS share, the user can access the file in Windows. The problem is that, in OpenSuse, the file permissions show the user owns the file, but the group is set to 'root'. As the user is not a member of 'root', the user cannot access the file in Linux.

I have checked all of the Unix attributes for all users under AD and they all appear to be set correctly with their default Groups set to 'Domain Users'. The users are mapped correctly on the NAS. The only thing that looks peculiar is on the Linux boxes. OpenSuse does not appear to be able to resolve the correct Group and shows 'unknown' as the users default NIS group in Yast.

I am posting here because my gut feeling is that this is something with OpenSuse 12.1, but I am not really sure. As I am sure there are more details required, please let me know what you may need.

OpenSuse 12.1 or 11.2
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows 7 or WP SP3

Thanks in advance.