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    "who" command doesn't sho me FDQN. always IP address is shown


    I have a SLES linux server (11.1) where the "who" output is like this :

    userlogon pts/12 2012-06-01 14:55 (

    I have another SLES linux server (also 11.1) where the who output is like this :

    userlogon pts/11 2012-06-01 13:52 (

    Where can I configure that always the FDQN is shown?
    (I tried with option --lookup but this doesn't help, still the IP address is shown)


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    Review the dns config in /etc/resolv.conf of that second maschine,
    and check, if there is the same nameserver as in the first machine and that the nameserver is reachable.
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    I have checked this. files on both machines are the same. DNS resolution works fine. (nslookup)
    problem is still there.

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    I didn't think nslookup worked in linux. I have never used the "who" command so I am not sure of the purpose. Is it suppose to show the FQDN of the local machine where the command is entered.
    Does the name server have a host record and a pointer for the client. have you tried the dig <hostname> and dig -x <ipaddress>. Make sure cache is flushed (the only way I know of doing this is the re-start machines)

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