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    Override LIRC Power button

    lirc, OpenSuse 11.x, Keybard event USB remote.

    So I have this Java program that receives a USB remote input as keyboard event. When the Power button is pressed, it would show a dialog for confirmation and shutdown a computer if confirmed. I asked this question before, and somehow resolved it a long while back.

    However, I am setting up another computer, with exact setup and hardware so far, other than this configuration to prevent the computer shutdown when pressing the power button.

    I just can't remember what I did to the other computer. I looked everywhere in that computer, (such as /etc/acpi/shutdown..., /etc/X11/xorg.conf, etc), but can't figure out where that is.

    There was no .lircrc in the home folder. I even create one in the old computer, and irexec successfully call a command when Power was pressed on the remote.

    So, back to the question, how, in OpenSuse, to override KDE, or whatever that processes the power keyboard event from the lirc remote?

    I checked with the old computer, and without irexec running, if I press the power button the remote in the command console screen, it will still shutdown the computer. So the function is not entiredly removed. I also pressed the power button on the computer itself, and it would shutdown regardless or which program I run, so that is not disabled in the BIOS either.

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    This post was a long time ago so hopefully you have already sorted this out. However, for posterity's sake this is what you need to do.

    1. Go to System->Preferences->Power Management
    2. Select the "General" tab
    3. Under "Actions - When the power button is pressed", select "Ask Me"

    At least this works for RHEL systems. I suspect that SuSe works much the same way.
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