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    Shell Script - Need to Understand

    I am new to Linux and I need to understand what the following script does in details please. I totally do not understand steps 5 to 8. Thanks a million!!

    AIX Team:
    2.) Login to server and switch to root

    3.) Create a new lv

    smitty lv -> Add a Logical Volume -> choose rootvg ; lv name: versatalib_lv ; lv type: jfs2 ; Number of
    logical partitions: 1

    4.) Create a new fs

    smitty fs -> Add File Systems -> Enhanced Journaled File systems -> Add an Enhanced Journaled File System on a Previously Defined Logical Volume -> lv name choose: versatalib_lv ; mount point: /usr/Versata/VLSComponents/Classes/RDWWPRT.ear/RDWWPRT.war/WEB-INF/lib ; Mount automatically at system restart: yes ; Permissions: read/write

    5.) mount the newly created filesystem to another directory (ex.: /tmp/versata_lib)

    6.) Copy the content of the lib directory to the new filesystem

    cp -R /usr/Versata/VLSComponents/Classes/RDWWPRT.ear/RDWWPRT.war/WEB-INF/lib /tmp/versata_lib

    7.)smitty fs -> change file systems -> Enhanced Journaled File systems -> Change Characteristics of an Enhaced Journaled File systems : choose the newly created fs -> switch Permissions to read-only

    8.) mount up /usr/Versata/VLSComponents/Classes/RDWWPRT.ear/RDWWPRT.war/WEB-INF/lib

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    Hi and Welcome !

    It looks like a homework assignment only. We can't help you here. Its against Forum Rules. I would suggest you to go through a few LVM tutorials. We will glad to help you if you anything confusing in any step.

    Do start a new thread if you have any other query.
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