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    SuSE 11.4 Stuck on Console Screen


    I am stuck on an unknown screen upon boot.
    When I rebooted my system I arrived at the login screen like usual
    On the bottom left-hand corner of the screen there are other options to choose which GUI mode to log into.

    I was curious as to what these other modes are so I selected one of them.
    It brought me to a black screen with a small white terminal. I don't know which mode this is.

    I typed in reboot, and my system rebooted.
    I thought the login screen would appear again but instead, it brings me back to this screen.

    I don't understand which specific steps I am required to take in order to troubleshoot this error because I do not know what this screen is called.

    Sometimes upon rebooting I am stuck on a black screen with the words GRUB on it. The cursor is flashing like it is expecting to receive commands but it does not respond to the keyboard. I have to hard reset my laptop several times in a row in order to bypass this screen and begin booting.
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    Sounds a little like OpenBox or Blackbox.
    At the terminal, try typing exit or logout.
    It might bring you back to your login screen.

    I don't use SuSE.

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    Thanks a lot for the quick reply, jayd512.
    I just edited my original post to add a photo.
    I'm back on the login screen.
    Now that I can see it, what I clicked on was session type. I changed it to FailSafe.
    I have selected KDE and entered my username and password.
    It looks like it is going to log in.
    Screen goes black for a sec while I still see the mouse.
    Then it immediately goes back to the login prompt again.
    It doesn't tell me "login incorrect"...just goes back to the prompt.

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    Ok so I was trying to watch a flick with some friends on VLC
    Totally ****ed that night up lol

    Screen was going blank every five minutes
    I found out that you can put this into your ~/.xinitrc:
    setterm -blank 0 -powersave off -powerdown 0
    xset s off

    Honestly I didn't want to Google all the command switches as I just wanted to get the movie going

    This didn't work so I blew away those lines but did not delete my .xinitrc file
    I logged back into the terminal, deleted this file and now I'm good to go.
    Just have to figure out how to prevent it from going blank after five minutes of inactivity...

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    Configured screensaver to %@^&#% off

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