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    openSUSE won't boot from USB-docking station

    Well, to make it short. My old computer running openSUSE 11.4 crashed. It wasn't the fault of the OS, it was old and it had to come. The motherboard/processor just died.

    Anyway I had some important data there which can be saved, so that's alright. The thing is I just want to be able to boot it again.

    So when I put the internal harddrive (Western Digital) in a USB-docking station, GRUB shows up and I boot the kernel. Everything just works fine until it shows:

    "failed to IDENTIFY I/O error err_mask=0x4"

    after a while it comes

    "Controller is probably using the wrong IRQ usb 1-3 device not accepting address 3, error -110"

    Any ideas how to get passed this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It won't work. When you put your hard disk on a usb it becames a different device, usually an internally mounted hard disk is /dev/sda, with sda1, sda5, etc. as the hard disk partitions. When you use it as usb, it becames sdb or sdc or something else, depending on the order it is detected by the computer bios. Maybe if you could find out which device the usb is and you could modify the boot and grub files to point to this device, maybe it will boot, but i am not sure.

    Good luck

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    Nope, that's not the case. I have another system on an external harddrive that just boots fine. I just choose what to boot at start.

    I have examined the disk and it seems as if the /usr/local/ directory is empty, but I guess that shouldn't be the reason for not booting.

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