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Yes. I believe www is the default group for apache on Suse/Opensuse. Is that where the file is, /srv/www/...? I don't see how a file could have more than one group but I may be wrong? Users can belong to numerous groups. Finding associations to users/groups can be found using YaST, under Users and Groups. The output you show for the file 'forms.html' shows the user 'krusk' as the only one with write permissions, plus root of course. I'm not sure what your intentions are here and I don't know of any way you can do what I think you want to do. Maybe someone else will come along who knows a way??

Sorry for the slow response.
Thanks for your help.
Yes, this is OpenSusue
Yes, the file is in a folder under /srv/www
Thus the group is www

Looked at the group members, it is a bunch of users (people) not a web service or some web user.. if this makes any sense.

The file was created by one person, is owned by this person, is placed under /srv/www/some-folder/ ..
Another person wants to make changes to the file (was asked to by the file owner)
I added this person to the www group
The www has no write access to this file, i hesitate to give the www group write access because i was worried www was some default web-server user and that this could be hacked via the internet some how. But i dont see any "web" or default-looking member in this group it only has people/human user names in it.

is it a bad idea giving the group www write access to the /srv/www/some-folder/ directory and all its contents?