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Thread: root password

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    root password

    Hello! I have a problem with my suse enterprise server 10
    I need to configure network card but i don't know root password. I boot from a live cd, i mount partition and i edited shadow file from etc by removing password. After reboot when i try to login, I type root and when i press enter i have this: login incorect.
    Any idea? Thx

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    I believe this link can be a start for you

    SDB:Recover root password - openSUSE

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    Hello and Welcome!
    You can also take a look here for some tips on recovering your root password.

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    One technique is to boot live cd, mount the system's root file system, edit the etc/sudoers file on that file system, giving yourself full privileges. IE, add this line to the file:
    yourid ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL
    Save file, then reboot and login as yourself. Now, you can run any process as root, or even su to root and reset its password:
    sudo su -
    In any case, editing /etc/shadow is NOT recommended!

    One final thing. It is possible that /etc/shadow isn't the password repository of record. There are alternatives, so even if you removed root's password from /etc/shadow, that may not work. This would be the case if your system has enabled another directory system such as YP or OpenLDAP. Making the change via sudo as shown should then work appropriately.
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