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    Problem with lowercase/uppercase filenames when creating an ISO file


    I'm attempting to edit some files in an ISO file. I've mounted it and copied all the contents to a new folder. Edited the files I need to, and created a new one with this command:

    mkisofs -iso-level 3 -o /root/Desktop/newisofile.iso /root/Desktop/DirectoryIAmCreatingTheISOFrom
    When this is done, I mount it:

    mount -o loop newisofile.iso
    Now if I browse the iso file, all the directory names have become lowercase. I've tried to use the -U parameter, which should allow mixed case filenames, but with no effect.

    Btw I use the -iso-level 3, because if I don't, all files are restricted to 8 characters length.

    Any suggestions?

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    howdy Jacob, welcome to the boards!

    i think you need the Joliet option, e.g.:

    mkisofs -J -o my.iso /dir

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    Thank you very much, that did the trick!

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    sweet, glad you're sorted. i'll mark this as Solved. Note that you can mark your threads solved, too, using the Thread Tools link at the top of the page.

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