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    Syncing data between old and new machine!!

    Im not a linux geek. Although, im trying to shift to a new box from a 8 yrs old linux box because I'm afraid of the potential crash of the old one. Old box is openSuSE 10.1, I've just installed 12.3 in a new machine. My problem is that I want to sync or whatever you say, make the new server exactly similar to the old one, files, permissions, databases everything. So that when I disconnect the two n/w cabes connected to the old machine and and connect to the two NIC cards in the new machine, it should work fine without any problem.

    Is it possible friends??

    Please help.


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    You are mixing two things.
    - Network/daemon configuration
    - Data sync

    For the datasync, you can use e.g. rsync.
    Login to the old machine as root,
    start a screen or tmux session,
    then synd the data. I assume, your data directory is in /data. Please adjust to your usecase
    rsync -a -e ssh /data root@<YOUR_NEW_HOST>:/
    Depending on the ammount of data and speed of your network and machines, this can take quite a while.
    You can watch progress via e.g. the df or du commands on the new machines.

    I would recommend to play with rsync a little bit before actually using it.
    It can also be tweaked, e.g. by running a a rsync daemon instead of using ssh as a transport.
    But ssh is probably easiest way to get a result.

    Anyway, these man pages should get you started
    man screen
    man rsync
    man df
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    Thanks a lot.
    You mentioned that I mixed two thing, could you plz enlighten me on the network/daemon configuration? I installed an extra NIC card to the new machine to make it two as old server has for security purpose (firewall), but none of them are working in the new machine, what to do to make them work?


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    A nic needs to be configured as part of the network configuration.
    You need to decide on a static IP/netmask, gateway, dns, ntp.
    If you use two nics in the same network segment, you probably want to bond them.

    As for the config:
    Recreate the necessary datadirectory structure on the new machine, then use the config files from the old machine (squid.conf, smb.conf, etc) as templates.
    I cant be more specific, as I dont know the current and future usecases.

    In general, my suggestion would be to read the documentation of the daemons involved.
    With that knowledge you can understand the old config files and then migrate these to the new machine.
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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