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    How to "open" a partition for storage?

    I have a server configured with a partition mounted to what looks like /usr. I'm a total newbie but this server is filling up. this is what the disk usage looks like. Is there a way to make /usr start storing data without reconfiguring and losing what's there?


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    first you need to know what's hogging the space on /dev/sda3,
    the root directory / is mounted there.

    du -x | sort -nr >DUs

    Now look at DUs to find who is using most of the space. Suppose it is
    /home. You want to get those files onto sdb1, after moving all the sdb1
    files onto sda3

    here's one way (note the mv command is destructive)

    1. umount /dev/sdb1
    2. mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt
    3. cd /mnt
    4. mv * /usr # on sda3
    5. cd /home
    6. mv * /mnt # on sdb1
    7. umount /mnt
    8. mount /dev/sdb1 /home

    now go into /etc and change fstab so that /dev/sdb1 is mounted (not on
    /usr but) on /home. Reboot.
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