Good day dear ppl

today i have a question - regarding gis-technoligy

opensuse 13.1 i try to do some gis-works with a large file: france-latest.osm.bz2 which i gathered from here:

what do i do with that file france-latest.osm.bz2

bzcat france-latest.osm.bz2
what is aimed? i want to extract all things that belong to the POI restaurant which is
long lat
etc - etx.

i have the following things up and running:

package perl-XML-Twig and run xml_split

with a command available on openSUSE to split xml files named xml_split (it is part of the package perl-XML-Twig) Now we try to run the following command (I hope we have enough hard disk space since the output is roughly 20GB).

 bzcat france.osm.bz2 | xml_split -s 100M -b france -n 3 -

well i think i will go and extract (an initially small) geographical area using osmosis, then i will go to look at osmfilter to extract the data (possibly having a look at osmconvert to convert the data into a format
that osmfilter can understand). Also perhaps consider osmium.

well - i need to run osmosis and osmfilter
besides this i need to have osmconvert

are these packages available for opensuse

love to hear from you