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    open suse yast message "can not find installation media"

    hello everyone

    i install open suse 13.1 from usb disk.

    now when i am trying to install other packages with yast one click install
    method, it is showing the message
    "can not find installation media".

    i do not have the same usb disk from which i install the os.

    can i change it yast repository list to local open suse 13.1 iso file.

    i tryed to add another repository with open suse 13.1 iso file, but it is not working too.

    is there any other way to give the installation media location?
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    Hi yahooram,
    The iso file would have to be mounted - I'm not sure if that would solve the problem though since YaST would need to know to look there. What you probably want to do is check your repository list and make sure you have the online ones set.

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    hi gregm,
    i think if i set a iso file to repository, it does not need to be mounted.

    yes i can use other internet repositories but in most of the cases installation media iso file contains basic packages, so no need to go to ohter repositories. thats why it is finding first into installation media.

    can i change that installation media repository(usb ) to an iso file ?

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    I doubt that you can use an iso file that isn't either mounted as a file system or installed on a media that is mounted. I've never seen any indication that it is possible. I know you can disable the installation media as a source in YaST but I don't think you can change it as such. I would suggest either recreating the USB stick and using it or mounting the iso as a fs, find where the repo is on the disk and add it as a repo.

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    thanks for reply

    in yast i can add a repository manually. by that i can add a iso, there is a separate option to choose an iso file also.
    so in that case i do not need to mount it.
    it is showing edit option also to change the repository path.

    but not working....

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    thanks gregm,

    another option is working for me.

    i extract the iso image to a folder and make it as a yast repository.

    but the iso option also there in the add repository menu, not working.

    it lookss strange...

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    Ah. I looked up the manpage for zypper and see that it mounts it for you. Perhaps there's an issue mounting it? What error message do you see? Have you tried adding it with zypper i.e.
    zypper addrepo -c -t yast2  “iso:/?iso=/your/path/to/iso" "Some_Alias"

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    no i did'nt tried with zypper.

    when i select my iso file to add repository it is showing "does not seem to be an iso image " but this is the iso by using i installed opensuse13.1

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    You might be able to use a BETTER way try this:
    1. open Yast
    2. select Software Repositories
    3. in the big box there look for the devices=/dev/disk or something close to it
    4. select that now look below for 2 boxes
    Enabled and Automatically Refresh
    5.Uncheck those boxes.
    6. click OK

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    If you have an ISO file, try the following as root:

    mkdir /testdir
    mount -o loop /path/to/iso /testdir
    ls /testdir

    Watch for errors along the way as it may indicate a problem with the ISO file. You can also add the online repositories for your particular version and simply download the files as you need them when installing new packages.

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