Dear all,

I have an OpenSuse Linux 11 installation on which oracle 11g database is installed. recently we upgraded the server RAM from 64GB to 128GB. by default the tmpfs should inherit half the physical RAM size of 64GB. this 64GB size was also included in the /etc/fstab file. the problem is that the oracle database would not start because the Memory_target is more that the tmpfs. the memory_target is 44GB. this is a suprise to me. however i found that if i run the command df -h, i always see both shmfs and tmpfs mounted on /dev/shm with 32GB size. the shmfs is reverting the value of tmpfs to 32GB which is less than memory_target even though 64GB is set for tmpfs in the /etc/fstab. should i have both shmfs and tmpfs mounted on /dev/shm? once i umount /dev/shm the tmpfs goes to 64GB,shmfs is gone and oracle would start. but after system restart shmfs is back, tmpfs goes back to 32Gb and oracle would not start.
please what could be the problem.