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    Quote Originally Posted by dylunio
    What errors did you get when you tried to install?

    I'm not sure about the REGPARM or NOREGPARM thing, maybe someone else can put an input in for this?

    i believe i downloaded the REGPARM version, and when attempting to install, i got the error:

    Checking for any previously installed sound drivers...
    *** Sound driver is already running - trying to unload it ***
    You appear to have the the kernel level sound driver installed as a loadable
    module. Unload it by executing rmmod sound and try installing OSS/Linux again.
    If this error repeats again you probably have the sound driver being loaded
    automagically by the kerneld daemon. In this case you should log out from the
    X Windows session, then press <ctl><alt><F1> and log in on the Linux console
    as root and then install OSS again.
    Am I allowed to do these changes automatically for you &#40;Y/N&#41; ? y
    Trying to disable the conflicting sound driver
    /etc/modprobe.conf backed up to /etc/modprobe.conf.bak
    Unloading the existing sound driver
    Xlib&#58; connection to "&#58;0.0" refused by server
    Xlib&#58; Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key
    Can't connect to display&#58; &#58;0.0
    Can't connect to display&#58; &#58;0.0
    OSS/Linux kernel module not available. Cannot continue.
    Please try to install OSS again.
    * Open Sound System installation completed successfully *
    Device configuration has been saved to /usr/lib/oss/etc/devices.cfg
    Execute /usr/lib/oss/bin/soundconf if you want to change configuration.
    Start the driver by using /usr/lib/oss/bin/soundon command
    See /usr/lib/oss/Readme for further instructions
    it tells me to attempt to install OSS again, and that there was a problem, yet RIGHT under it, it tells me that the installation was completed successfully o_O. Attempting to start the driver anyway told me:

    Building the OSS kernel module - please wait...
    Building the OSS/Linux module failed.
    Please see /usr/lib/oss/logs/soundon.log for details.

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    can you post what is in /usr/lib/oss/logs/soundon.log please?

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