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    Connection to FTP server failed, what should i do?

    I'm new to suse linux, i installed suse 7.3 but can't update to a newer version from yast2 because connections to any ftp server failes, what should i try to disable or turn on to be able to update to a newer suse version? My internet connection is threw a windows 98 server with proxy.

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    Do you have the proxy set to handle FTP correctly? Do you have *any* connection at all on the SuSE machine? Do you have control of the Win98 machine? If so, why are you using *that* as a web proxy?
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    Well my internet connection is working cause i can surf the web, but when triying to connect threw online update to a server i get connection failed try another server, i dont have full control of the server cause i am in a lan network working on tcp/ip and i know all the settings needed to connect to the server(but maybe only in windows so not so sure), but i think that i maybe missed one but need help to find out which one i missed. Could you tell what do i have to have configured to be able to connect to an ftp server? And am i able to connect to one threw the win98 server? I'm a newbie so try to explain whatever you can, and i still have installed win XP, i have40 gb partitioned in 4, 2 in fat32 2 for linux. The network card is surecom. I hope you can help. Cause i would like to have linux suse 7.3 as default os.

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    A proxy works with wingate so i don't know if it is good or bad, but dosen't that handle both http like ftp? I will ask the person who has the server and maybe able to set that up to, so could only that be the problem? Will try both to resolve my problem, thanks anyway.

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    I may be wrong, but it seems to me he needs to update his YAST sources list. The easiest (dirtiest) hack here is to get him to an HTTP update server instead of an FTP server, if such a thing exists.

    I use "he" and "him" because I don't want him to interpret this as advice to act on, but am rather suggesting this in discussion form for others to comment on. Because I honestly don't know if it would work :)

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    Yhanks for your help, hope to recive some good advices.

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