I'm trying to install Suse 9.2 on the first partition on my 200Gig HDD which is set as slave after a DVDRW (I want to keep it this way until I can get my Promise controller working). My Win XP is on a raid 0 on my VIA controller. It sees that controller but I don't think it sees windows on it. I tried the semi advanced option but it says you have to start with the higher number of partition. I want to put it on 1, the first partition, why does it do this? Currently 4 partitions on drive. Anyway, I did the advanced and made the linux partition (/) and made the swap partition on the same drive (/swap) and it installed but with errors, it said it couldn't mount the drive but still installed. When booting I selected that drive to boot off of and it came up to the menu and it wouldn't load anything, (I did try adding windows by copying some text off the internet into GRUB) I don't want to mess with my raid at all and just want to boot into linux when I select that drive as the boot drive.

Also, is there a free 64 bit version I could play with?

Thanks in advance!