I am newbie installing proxy server and I have installed squid using ncsa_auth to authentificate and all seerms good.
My problem is that squid is installed in the same machine with linux box gateway. I want all my traffic to go out to internet throw go to squid. I configured the navigator, IE and MFB, and when I open the explorer this ask me for a username and pass and is correct, but if I dont configure the navigator I can navigate in internet and doesnot want.
I want that if the navigator wasnot configure can not permit navigate. I tried to do this redirecting all traffic to 8080 and 3128 port using iptables but to do this is doing transparent proxy and I read that transparent proxy doesnot support dialog box with user and pass.

2.- My webmail is togheter with squid and I dont want it asks me for user and pass if I am gonna use the webmail 'cause this webmail is local.

I want user and pass for internet just and nothing for my intranet.

I can do this?
I know this is problem to redirect but I dont clear how to do it?
THks a lot!!