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    Can't Gain Access to Root

    I am brand spanking new to Linux. I found an OpenSUSE installation disk in Linux Magazine, October 2017. I am using a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop and the installation went smoothly. However, after installing OpenSUSE, I decided that I really want to try Mint Cinnamon first and I am unable to do anything on this computer. I've attempted to change the boot order on my computer and OpenSUSE continues to boot. I do not have access to the ROOT directory. When I installed OpenSUSE, I was only asked for one password and that password does not work. I found a video on changing the root, (sudo -i) and my access is denied. I get a screen warning me about the local System Administrator and I am blocked from entering a password.

    This is a brand new SSD hard drive I just installed.

    I am very frustrated and was going to reformat the HD and start over installing Mint, but I can't do that. I need root access to the computer.

    Any help?


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    Root access is not what you're looking for - you need to enter your BIOS or UEFI to change the boot settings. On my Thinkpad (X230), I press enter at startup and it allows me to enter setup. You obviously booted from an install media to install Opensuse - follow the same process to install Mint over Suse. Just make sure your Mint media (CD/DVD/USB) is bootable.

    Also, always provide as much info on your hardware as you can - the are a lot of different Thinkpads...
    Are you a clueless Kali user? If you can't get Kali running on your own, it ain't the right distro for you.

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    The default in opensuse is to have one password for first user and root. If you're using a terminal when you enter the password you don't see any entry, it remains blank. Just input the password and hit "enter".
    If that's not the solution, then tell us exactly what you're doing when trying to access root.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTRRO View Post
    When I installed OpenSUSE, I was only asked for one password and that password does not work.
    you mean you were asked to provide a password?
    and that password does not work anymore?
    have you tried both
    sudo su

    then youmust have done somehing wrong.

    don't get frustrated, linux works for millions of users, you just caught a stumbling stone early on.

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