I'm running a LAMP server along with FTP and Samba on Suse Linux 13.2. Servers been running for over a year now with no issues. It's sole purpose is for business use, with the Samba server being absolutely critical to our everyday business function. The samba shared drives are only accessible locally via LAN.

We've recently replaced our BT home hub 5 with a BT smart hub 6.

Ever since the change, the server has been dropping connections / timing out / slow initial response. For example:

1. When first accessing a samba shared drive it takes 6-7 seconds to show folder contents or connect. Once in, its as fast as lightening. But if left idle for more than 1-2 minutes the 6-7 second response time will appear again.

2. Logging in via an SSH terminal (locally) is again slow. Once logged in, commands are sent and received instantly. But again, if left dormant for 1-2 minutes, the connection times out and I have to reconnect.

No settings have changed on the router. The server has a static public IP and port forwarding is enabled for some of it's applications.

I can ping the server instantly from any windows machine within the LAN. The FTP side doesn't seem to be effected.

In honesty, I'm not really to sure where to start in terms of troubleshooting this. The server doesn't have a GUI, just a CLI in which I know basic commands. Is anyone able to offer some advice?

Many thanks,