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    :: any task manager in linux"

    hello ... well like in xp or 2000 there is a built in task manager wich helps a lot

    well is there any task manager sort of thing in linux if yes then how to use it or run it thnx for replying in advance thnx `
    :: i dont know even a single word of linux ::

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    yea in kde it is called KDE system guard, In GNOME it is called gnome system moniter as well as many others
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    Yes you can start the task manager by pressing the keys ctrl+Esc (SUSE)

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    thnx for telling me summet .. thnx
    :: i dont know even a single word of linux ::

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    my 2 cents

    I found this as the first link on a Google search for "unhide task manager on suse".

    My FF was spinning out and I just wanted to close it. I went down to the tray, the task bar; where it is you see the programs that are running in a 'normal' same-as-windows area. I right clicked. One on the FireFox representation and one option on the context menu was "Close this (or maybe Hide this) Task Manager".

    I clicked it. Now, I can run my programs, but I didn't know how to get to my running apps. So... the answer didn't come up in my search and I called my Dad.

    He said, "Alt+Tab"... so for u real noobs like me, that will not bring back the display, but cycle through running programs!!! Which, at least, puts us back into dev mode.

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    Thread is already over 5 years old, so locking this one, guys...

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