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    Could software installation be anymore complicated?

    I've got suse 9.1 and haven't yet found any software that's easy to install. Is it always this complicated to install software with linux? If things go wong there seems to be directories and files created who knows where.

    I've just spent the last 3 hours trying to install f-prot, without luck, I just get error message saying unable to create folders that I know are already created. I've absolutely no idea what's been put where.

    I've been using windows (and now XP is very realiable) for years and really would like to get to understand linux but I have to say I've never come across such a complicated installation process. There is no way a newb would ever get their head round this stuff.

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    first, any time you install something, you have to be logged in as root, second, try using YaST, it does all the installation automatically

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    Tried yast, didn't pick up anything that it could install, and I could only get into root user by using the console. How do I get into root user so I can use konquer to delete or move etc files.

    Is there loads of different ways that different software installs? Is installation using Linux complicated, or does it become second nature after you've done it a few times?

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    i actually like the installation process of linux. its more of a hands on type thing. but thats just me, I'm a big open source programming fan, so yea...

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    you log in as root by ending your normal session( click the green globe thing ->logout ->end current session) then in the log in box type root for the username and the root password in the password box "easy as ABC"

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    Quote Originally Posted by asm
    click the green globe thing
    Jus so u know, look a little closer.... it's the SuSE Chameleon's head. Or so i think at least.
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    I think we lost Penn. Probably back on XP, never to look at Linux again, BUT, if you're still with us Penn, let us know and I can answer your basic questions before you get totally discouraged. It's all a matter of what's being installed, on what type of Linux. It can be as easy as Windows, or harder than fossilized dino turds - - just depends. By the way, if you were installing f-Prot as an antivirus program - 99% chance you don't need to install it at all in the first place.

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