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    SuSE /KDE running very slowy

    I've just done a brand new install of SuSE 9.1 Home on my PC, install ran like a dream, no problems, picked up all my hardware beautifully, but the first time I booted in to SuSE as soon as KDE loaded, everything started to run at a snails pace, the GUI would stop responding with some parts of the interface going white (like on windows when an app stops responding) with the CPU 'clicking' really slowing (about once per second), I have:

    80GB hard drive (boots windows) about 20GB left
    5GB hard drive (for SuSE) about 3 GB left
    512MB RAM
    2500 Athlon XP
    Radion ATI 9200 GFX

    if anyone could offer me ANY advice to help me get SuSE working so I can stop using windows once and for all, I'll be eternally greatful, I don't think I can take another day of Malware and System Restores .

    thanks in advance

    - Tim

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    You might try opening up a console and using the top command to display all your running processes in real-time. You can sort by CPU cycles, memory usage, etc. It might help determine just what process is taking up so much of your resources. With your system you shouldn't have any trouble running KDE at full-speed.
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    This is what I thought, brand new install on a freshly formatted HD, I've got a feeling it's something to do with my hardware, I'll try using top in BASH and tell you what it says and maybe you could give me some advice after that? it'd be greatly appreaciated...

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