Please excuse this somewhat hurried and incomplete post but I am on a friends machine atm and I don't have access to or even know the files that would be more useful to explain my current status ie. screenshots or configs etc.

I'm trying to get a ltmodem installed on suse 9.2, the modem chip is a Agere 1648c-tv5.

I used Yast to install a "ltmodem-8.31a8-6.7.i586.rpm" for suse 9.2 that I found on the web and it installed without error.

After install yast reports my modem in the "hardware information" as an Agere which according to the chip is correct.

I have attempted to set up the dialup in Yast also, under the "modem" section but I suspect I am either doing something wrong or I have some sort of conflict.

When I try to connect I get error's in the KInternet Log, something along the lines of modem not responding.

As you can see I am very new to linux, could someone please help me trouble shoot this or point me in the right direction.

What files/configs do I need to look at to troubleshoot??