Hi Guys,

Well, I've just installed SuSE 9.3 and all I can is WOW! It is really cool. Run nice and fast on my box as well...

Just one problem...a major one at that considering the box I installed it on is my internet gateway! Sad

Can't dial up to the internet using my Winbond ISDN W6692 PCI ISDN card. This card works perfectly on SuSE 9 Enterprise.....which is a slightly older kernel than SuSE 9.3 Pro. Why wont it work now?

This is what happens...

1) I start smpppd
2) Right click on Kinternet
3) Click Dial-in
4) It starts to dial in....then 5 seconds later it disconnects, almost like my password did not work.... (trust me, its the right password!)

If I try to connect from the commandline (so I might see any errors) the ff happens

1) I start smpppd
2) I type "cinternet -i ippp0 --status (it shows DISCONNECTED)
3) I type "cinternet -i ipppo --start
4) If, at this point, I check the status, it shows it as connected (I think its still trying to connect though)
5) Then , a couple seconds later, I check the status again, and shows as discconnected...

Does anybody have ANY idea why this is happening?? Its really frustrating me Mad