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    Suse 10 Computer goes into standby.

    I have just installed Suse 10. My monitor and computer go into standby.

    I have disabled power-saving both in KDE Control Panel (display) and Yast (Power Control) by editing the power schemes, and still my computer goes into standby.

    I experienced a similar problem with Suse 9.3. I was able to resolve the issue in Yast (Power control) by editing the power schemes and disabling standby by moving the time slidebar to 0. Those slide barís are not present in Suse 10, just a disable button (which I have selected).

    Iím sure itís something Iím just overlooking. Could somebody point me in the right direction?


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    Are you absolutely sure its power standby that seems to be occuring?

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    Unfortunatly, I'm never really sure about anything.

    I'll check when I get to my home pc. What else could cause the same symptoms?

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    IS it the DPMS on the monitor that is turning it off? It may just be the monitor that is going into standby. Check out the monitor settings in sax2.

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    It could be a lot of things. Are there same symptoms on the system under a different OS? It could be caused by a buggy video card driver, video card settings (unsupported and unusual refresh rates and resolutions) , or over-clocked video card, or video card might be simply overheating. (check for dead fans). Does "standby" happen only in certain situations, such as when running certain software or combination of different software.

    It could be caused by overloaded/overheating power supply (check for dead fans as well). I had a power supply with a dead fan (one out of two) which caused lack of ventilation inside the case and caused temperatures to rise greatly. This gave me lot of blue screens (under Win), and after while cased my system to go into "stand by". Also, in one of my systems I had a video card with a dead fan which also cased similar symptoms. Black screens and "stand by" effects after computer had been running for some time. (This was fixed by great folks at PNY. They replaced the fan once I sent the board in for repairs. Heck, they put in a better and fancier heatsink/fan than what the card came with in the first place) It could be the monitor, although I doubt it. Usually monitor problems are easy to spot and diagnose. Did you add any unusual hardware recently? It could be caused by incompatible hardware or introduction of new software drivers which SuSE 10 probably introduced. Did you do any major system tinkering on BIOS level? Check your ACPI settings.

    It could be a lot of things. I would run out of space real quick. Try doing some basic software/hardware troubleshooting. Don't be afraid to push and probe your system.

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    Thank you! It was the DPMS. I appreciate the help.

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    Just pay it forward dude

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