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    Suse Linux 10.0 Internet Connecton Test HELP

    Anyone Please Help...

    I am in the process of installing Suse Linux 10.0. For the last hour or so, I've been unsucessfully running this internet connection test in which I receive 'connecting to the internet failed. View the logs for details.' When I viewed the Internet Connection Test Logs, what I see is the DHCP client is already running on eth0. I've also attempted to make changes in my Network Configuration as well. Will someone inform me on what I need to do to successfully pass this test?

    All of my machines are connecting to the internet through my router and cable modem. Please help me out.


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    what kind of computer is this? is it a laptop or desktop?
    can you ping your router?
    can you tell is what is in dmesg regarding eth0?

    what kind of network card is it?

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    personally i skip the test until i have my desktop up & running, then go to yast & make sure my card was detected. then click on configure, clicking next all the way. then its ready for use. give it a try, might be better than waiting for the test to run.

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    Best thing to do is get the system up and running, then run the following commands in a terminal and post back with the results.

    ifconfig eth0 down
    ifconfig eth0 up
    ping localhost
    The address above is just what my router is locally, you may need to adjust for your router/modem. If you post back the results we might be able to get an idea of what's going on.

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    Suse Linux 10.0 Internet Connecton Test HELP REPLY

    bigtomrodney thanks for replying. I am going to get the system up and running. I will then post back with the results. See you soon.

    DeltaFlyer (Andy), I will also attempt your solution as well

    EdisonRex... it is a desktop that I built with lan on the motherboard. I will make an attempt to ping the router as well.

    I will post back later with results. Thanks to all for replying.

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    I'm going to piggyback, since I have a very similar problem

    SUSE 10.0, laptop (gateway 200x model), internal wireless, plus eth cable (eth0, eth1).

    I could get an ip connection intermittently until about two days ago when wireless just quit on me and then nothing else worked. And I was NOT doing anything whatsoever with my laptop (i swear!) between its working and not working. I don't know quite enough to trouble shoot, so its been frustrating.

    And since I cant connect with that computer no how no way, the ipconfig results, etc...oh god.

    OK. At home I have two choices: I can try using my wireless, with a dhcp setup. I have the wireless options all set up from control/yast and didn't touch my wireless, of course. When I try using it, the iwconfig shows everythign set up, but some kind of collisions nad errors setting up.
    ifconfig pretty much shows the same thing.

    If I drop the wireless and try the cable to my router, same deal only now its eth1 that has some kind of error going on. all the dhcp stuff is checked on the network card for this.

    It looks to me almost like it can't find a gateway or domain, but that's all in the dhcp purview and what i don't get is why the wireless stopped working while my computer was idle and no changes of any kind occurred (i'd idled before as well...) I'm almost dead certain this is something simple, but I can't think of what.

    Now here at work, i can use a ethernet cable that's got a stable ip address with that, but that does no better. ifconfig shows eth1 with the correct address, and actually not getting errors so much, but no connections will start up. Pinging the localhost works, pinging the static gateway also works, but i can't get past that -- I start firefox and it just hangs until it tells me it can't find (anywhere I try).

    Thoughts on how to further troubleshoot? I would also be very interested at the same time in ideas for any scripts or such I could use to start up the internet connection -- it is beyond tedious to start up control/yast and noodle with the ******* settings every time I'm using something different. I'm busy trying to convince dear BF of the superiority of linux over windoze and I can't even get the damn thing to connect when i turn it on which doesn't impress him (ha ha).

    Anyway, any help will be highly appreciated, both in terms of how to troubleshoot and then how to simplify (ideally I'd like it to look for a cable dhcp, a wireless dhcp, a cable static, a MAC encoded wireless,e tc... I can't believe there isn't some support for multiple profiles and i suspect there's simply a package out there I don't know about yet (she said hopefully).


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    @ browneyedgirl
    When you are at work and the cable is plugged in, what does pinging a site such as google result in? Ping using the following syntax:
    ping -c 4 -I eth1
    At home, what is the result from iwconfig (for wireless), and what is the model of the wireless card?

    One thing I suggest you do is this, Launch yast and goto the configuration for each network card. Under Advanced -> Detailed Settings (SuSE 9.3, not sure if it is same in 10), here for each card, tell the system that it is brought up manually. Now when using Kinternet after logging in, select which card to use (right click -> interfaces).
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    OK, pinging google gives me unknown host

    I'll try resetting the network devices to not start up at boot (currently both of them supposedly do, although I note that even when i've had it working, it NEVER started up on its own, but only after my jiggling it, which is endlessly annoying...)

    Honestly, this is the last area I would have expected to find windoze much easier than linux....go ain't rocket science...sigh....


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    Now, all you have to do to get internet at the work computer is to launch yast, goto the config page for the network cards, and for eth1, under hostname and nameserver, enter the ip address of your companies nameserver, usually entering the ip address of the gateway should do the trick.
    Life is complex, it has a real part and an imaginary part.

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    I'm terribly sorry if I wasn't clear, but I've done that, entered the gateway and even a dns thru the control/yast page....

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