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    FX5200 Dual head problems

    Hello everyone !

    To introduce myself in short I've left the Gates realm
    about three months ago and gladly switched over to
    Linux - Suse 9.2 - .
    My impression is ... "welcome to the future " ...
    But it took me some time to starting to get the hang
    of things ... but it's well worth the effort
    Up until this very moment I managed to resolve every
    problem I encountered but there's one that just won't go

    The problem is that on my GeForce FX5200 graphics card
    the digital output doesn't work when the system is fully
    When I start up my pc everything goes as expected (?)
    I have two CRT monitors connected - one AOC and one
    Philips -. One is connected to the analog output and
    the other is connected to the digital output by means
    of an analog/digital convertor.
    Now whenever I boot my system both screens "light up"
    both showing exactly the same contents namely the
    booting procedure, so there's no mailfunction in either
    the digital output or the used connector itself !
    And then it happens, when the system shows me the "login
    screen" it does so on only 1 screen namely the AOC and all
    the other one does is "go black". Theres nothing to see
    anymore on the second monitor it even seems to
    be turned off automatically .
    And that's that ! Could anyone give me an idea on how to
    start solving this problem so I can finally start working on
    two screens at the same time during a session !


    The system is constructed as follows :
    DFI PS85-BC/BL Motherboard so it has onboard graphics.
    Pentium IV 2,6 GHz processor.
    1,2 GB DDR Memory.
    Suse 9.2.

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    I don't have nor have I ever used dual head setups. But in sax2, there is an option for setting up dual head systems, perhaps you should take a look there.

    You can run sax2 from the command line only as root.
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