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    i thank him for his time... but its fine. He has no time for newbies no worries. i'm trying something else now

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakerdonald
    What the Hell is your problem? You asked for advice and this guy was nice enough to give it to you.
    If you check out his other thread you'll see this guy is in a really good mood today -- that was sarcasm as well.
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    Then ask how to do it, don't be sarcastic and rude. You won't get much help around here with that attitude.

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    Codecs for Linux a hell!?
    It's heavenly easy.
    Just make a win32 directory and drop them all in there.
    From the command line:

    Download the "Essential Codecs Package" from Mplayer's site (works for xine based players as well):

    Next do (as root):
    #mkdir /usr/lib/win32
    #tar -jxf essential-*.tar.bz2
    #cd essential-*
    #mv * /usr/lib/win32

    What a hell

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    search search search - works great on

    Quote Originally Posted by Riqz85
    that was sarcasm by the way...
    ... and it was noted. has a great search function. There have been many many posts on how to do each of those.

    I've posted in many URLs explaining where to download Smart, where to go to find out how to sort out the dependencies, ... etc ... so many times, when I do it now I'm immedially accused of spam.

    Why should I have to post, to be accused of spam when you are too lazy to search (on linux forums dot org)? In case you can't find the seach, take a look in the upper right corner. Or simply, non sarcastically, ask for more information on one or all of those. You will find if you ask politely, others will be be more inclined to make a detailed post, explaining how to do YaST repository upgrades, APT/APT4RPM installations, and Smart installations. Strangely enough, I find if specific information is asked for, the spam accusation against me is not levied.

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    thanks to everyone who has already contributed answers to this topic, but I'm going to have to lock it because it is a dupe.

    Please continue the converstion over here

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