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Thread: OpenSUSE 10.0

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    OpenSUSE 10.0

    I'm currently downloading OpenSUSE ver. 10.0 . This is my first attempt at Linux. I want to install it on a Gateway 366MHz w/ 256Mb ram.

    1st. How do I format my drive for linux?

    2nd. After it is formatted and I boot the 1st CD to install, is there anything special I will need to do?

    I have been wanting to try Linux for a while now, but it is totally alien to me.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Welcome to the forums, I think that SuSE is a great distro to start with, but it think that it will be a bit heavy for your machiene. BTW: the 1st CD will format and install for you. SuSE is very easy to set up, let it do what it does and it will work great hovever I think that you will not fully enjoy it on a 366mhz machiene. Consider something lighter (I am pretty new here myself so others could probabally tell you about more distros) I reccomment for now, you try Damn Small Linux. A live CD - boots right off of the CD.
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    The installer will handle the formatting for you, no need to worry. As for anything special...not really unless you want to.

    You will find the install fairly easy, Suse comes with a nice graphical installer. Also, should you want to, Suse will set up a dual boot with Windows easily for you.

    Also, here are the system requirements.

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    Ok. I'll try that first.

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