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    Need to change permissions.

    I have suse installed (9.3) and I use KDE

    I'm in the process of installing counter strike source through WINE (also installed) and have copied the valve folder over from my original windows HD to my hard drive with linux on it.

    I ran "steam.exe" and it went okay untill it asked me to install the mozilla x/object helper files. So it downloads these files and comes to choose a dir to install them to. I try and choose the "windows" folder created by WINE (also on the linux hard drive, created by WINE?) but it says that it can't access them, I had a look at the permissions and other than the actuall "windows" folder all subfolders and files are set to "read only" .

    All the above is done while I'm signed in as root user.

    So how do I change the permissions of these folders (preferable ALL folders/files) to read and write for all users?

    EDIT: I'd also like to add that when I try and change permissions through the "right click>permissions" menu I only get a dialogue box saying "permissions for <FOLDERNAME> could not be changed"

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    Be carefull in changing permissions on whole directory trees. Before you know your system is in unrecoverable state because of permission errors.
    The command
     chmod -R 777 /some/dir
    will change every thing in /some/dir including directories rights for everyone to read,write,execute. Directories however should have execute rights in order to access them at all. But giving the world rights in a directory tree is a possible security risk.

    Perhaps changing the group to users and changing the rights for those is a better solution.
    chgrp -R users /some/dir
    chmod -R g+rw /some/dir
    Make a backup first :
    tar -czvf /root/somedir.tar.gz /some/dir/*
    I never used wine so I cannot help you any further with it . But this is a way to change permissions .
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