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    Xhost+ ... i know it's bad

    I need to be able to forward X11 programs from a cluster I work on to my Suse 9 box. X11 forwarding through SSH is not an option because of the way the cluster and pbs are configured. This means I need to revert back to insecure ways to forward x11. Unfortunatly I have not been able to do this successfully to my suse box but I can to my windows laptop with cygwin.

    I have typed xhost+, added all:all to hosts.all, and turned off my firewall on my local machine. On the cluster I have typed export DISPLAY=hostname:0 . This was an initial test to just to see if I could get it working but attempting to run something simple like xterm yields the following error:

    "xterm Xt error: Can't open display: hostname:0"

    where hostname is my hostname.

    What other security settings do I need to change on my linux box?

    Yes I know it is insecure so please don't tell me why I shouldn't use xhost unless you know of a better way to do the x11 forwarding that does not require an ssh tunnel.


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    I suppoe this doesn't really help you, but I'm having basically the same problem. I've got cygwin running on Win2k and I can run xhost + from there, ssh to my SuSE laptop, export, and open X apps remotely.

    I can't get the opposite direction to work though. I can't get X apps running on my windows machine, to open on my SuSE machine. Like you I, tried turing off the firewall.

    I guess unless you've figured it out and can help me, we'll just have to comiserate together and drown in our own tears.
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