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    cannot input password at locked screen

    I lock my linux box's screen when I am away for some minutes. When I come back I should be able to type my password to unlock screen. Recently I find sometimes (not always) I cannot type anything into the session password window, although my keyboard does function (otherwise I won't be able to get password input window). All I have to do is to create a new session, find the PID of the lock program, kill it, end new session to be back original workplace. Is this a bug?

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    this sometimes happens when he capslock key has been inadvertently pressed, linux is very case sensitive with passwords

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    No, capslock is always off. if it is on, there would be red caution words in password window. It not the input window loses focus either. Mouse is also working.

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    Just a guess, but try as another user, preferably a virgin account install. Just alter the screensaver to require a passwd, nothing else. If you can't repro, perhaps it's a funky setting somewhere in the KDE prefs? It would at least show you whether or not it's an X-wide problem, or something specific to your account. If the latter, you at least know it's something needing tweaking in $HOME.


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    Keyboard locked at first login

    I just finished installing Fedora 4 on a new Toshiba SatelliteA105-S2716, dual boot setup with XP. I installed the server version just so I could have the web server to play with. The install went fine except at the first login, I am prompted to enter my ID and the keboard is NG. Mouse is fine and with it, I can reboot back to Windows to type this entry.

    Any ideas beside hooking up an exernal monitor which kind of defeats the purpose of using a laptop.


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