OK question...
I have tryed to add a custom line to iptables and save that change so that it becomes effective each time the system reboots. For example:

iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP
After this i do a:
iptables -nL
and I see my change there in under the INPUT area.

From there I do a

To save my changes...or so Id like to.

Which in turn rolls out a long statement of how and when my iptables config was update...so I am thinking SWEET its in there.

So to test my plan I reboot the system, issue a

iptables -nL
*poof* my change is gone?


I have searched all over the Yast2 interface (inside commandline avialable interface, I have no GUI installed) and can not find where in the firewall area an option that will allow me to enter such a custom denial entry.

So what gives? Am I forbiden from entering custom entries into iptables with SuSE?

Any advice?