I have a CPQ Proliant 2500 with 2 processors pentium 2 at 200mhz and 512 ram but when I try to install SUSE 10 and it is unpacking the kernel I have the folowing error:
KernelPanic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!.
What I know is that Suse only reads the first 16 mb of RAM. What can I do so that it reads all?
I took out one cpu and it's voltage control. I took out all the scsi array and I left one of 4 gb
I had no problem when I installed Windows xp SP2 . It recogniced all the memory and both CPU.
Now I only have 1 server with one cpu and one HD. But I continue with the same problem.
When I check the memory configuration In Cqp Bios the following items appear:
Base Memory 640 KB, lineal
Extended Memory (1-16mb) - Memory instaled
Extended Memory (16-512mb) - Memory instaled
Total Memory 524288 Kbs
Nothing of that can be changed by the Compaq Smat and Support Software.
Now I have a normal PC one CPU, one HD and 512 RAM and the following phrase continues:
KernelPanic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
I will appreciatte very much your help or if you can let me know who can I contact with this questions.
I proved with
mem=512 or memmap=512
mem=exactmap mem=640k@0 mem=511m@1M
gentoo-nofb memmap=exactmap memmap=640k@0m memmap=([Total ram in megabytes] -1)M@1M

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