Ok, I got Wine through packman, installed with YAST. I tried installing Return to Castle Wolfenstein using wine setup.exe. The installer came up, asked for the cd key, asked where to install the file. Of course it comes up and says crogramfiles/........ I'm guessing that is normal with wine b/c that file name is linked to dev/hda2 (my HD) right?? I've done alot of research, just trying to put the pieces together. So, it loads disc 1 and asks for disc 2, cd drive won't open. I get smart, go to the desktop, right click on the drive and click "eject". It opens, I pop in cd 2 and I get "the file e:\setup\data\pb\pbag.dll could not be opened". Am I doing something wrong here?? I'm really anxious to play a game on here since I have never played a game on Linux or with my new hardware!!