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    Yast has stopped working... HELP!!

    ok so i was playing around trying to get a new version of Amarok working on my suse 10.

    and now Yast doesnt load. i think its because i overwrote the file by accident. i think this because when i tried to open up Juk it worked fine untill it required this codec. (found out using debugger)

    so how do i fix it? is there a similar program to yast i can use?

    thx in advance linux gods

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    try running yast from a console,& post errors,if to root first

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    ok i typed yast in the konsole.

    "warning: the ncurses frontend is installed but does not work
    You need to install yast2-ncurses to use the YaST2 text mode interface"

    i had been using the konsole in su mode to install many .rpms via the "yast -i" thing

    but now it just doesnt work

    please help

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    please someone help me!

    if i could find a .bin thats for libC i would be fine. but i cant because im not very clever like that.

    some1 pleaes help i cant reinstall linux either coz the dvd is really badly scratched and i dont have a dvd burner or the iso anymore.

    thx for posts already

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    glibc contains libc, you can find an rpm for it at

    In this case, a reinstall would be a clean way of fixing a problem on this scale. Is there any local internet cafe where you can download the cd's or something and reinstall using those?

    Another thing would be to download CD1 of SUSE and perform a "Repair Install"
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