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    konqueror works but firefox and epiphany do not

    kind of a newbie to linux...please be kind. i just installed suse 10 (the i386 version) on my AMD64 3000+ . i know i could use the 64 bit operating system, but i had problems with compatibility issues with flash player, etc. with the 64 bit operating system. konqueror (the browser i am using to type this) works fine, but firefox and epiphany time out. i had this very same problem with mandriva 2006, which leads me to believe it is a configuration problem, but i do not know what it is...please help!!


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    i am using DSL hardwired directly to modem

    i thought i should also mention that i am using dsl hardwired to the modem. by that i mean i am using cat5 cable hooked up to the modem.

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    Smile Browsing problems

    It sounds like you have the slow browser problem. There are various cures
    for this. Since you are using a modem and not using a router only two of
    these might apply.
    1. Enter the IP addresses of your ISPs nameservers in the resolv.conf file
    like this 'nameserver' (you can get the real addresses from your
    ISP. Don't enter the quote characters). But if you are using DHCP turn it off
    temporarily and reboot before you make the change. Then turn on DHCP
    again and reboot.
    2.Turn off IPv6
    Enter these 2 lines into the /etc/modprobe.conf.local file
    alias net-pf-10 off
    alias ipv6 off
    then reboot.
    Try each of these changes in turn and reverse them if they don't work and
    post again.

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    where do i find these folders?

    thanks for replying so quickly...this has been driving me mad. i was wondering exactly how to get to these folders...sorry about being so green on this platform...


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    i seem to have only a modprobe.d folder

    ok, nevermind that subject title, i found and edited the /etc/modprobe.conf file in such a manner
    # please add local extensions to this file
    #alias net-pf-10 off
    alias ipv6 off

    i also set the resolv.conf(well actually they were already set) to the IP addresses i got from the dsl modem(going into setup of the modem and finding the information).
    weird thing is that the firefox browser will initially open to the homepage i set it to, and even perform a search. But now, as soon as i either type in a new url it will time out. if i follow a link it will more than likely time out.

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    i figured it out...with a little help from clint

    this same problem was the same as some dude named peevee...thank god i found the string... here is a copy for anybody else who has this problem.

    Thankyou Clint,
    Your suggestion solved the problem...
    thank you very much...

    On 12/20/05, Clint Tinsley <> wrote:
    > In Firefox, enter 'about:config' in address URL window. Scroll down to
    > network.dns.ipv6 and disable it.
    > ----- Original Message -----
    > From: peevee
    > To: SLE <>,
    > Subject: [SLE] Firefox not working
    > Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 20:12:13 +0530
    > Hello all,
    > I dont know y my firefox doesnt work,
    > but my Knoqurer works fine,
    > my firefox is able to resolve the domain name, but waits saying
    > connecting....
    > and gives a time out message..
    > this is the same even in my ubuntu live boot cd,
    > can any one give me any clue why this is happening?
    > only knoqurer is working....
    > even gaim or any other browser dont work..
    > why ? any clue?
    > --
    > PEEVEE

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    Smile slow browsing

    Turning off ipv6 in firefox is ok but you may still run into the same problem
    in other programs i.e. when trying to do online updates in YaST.

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