So I am new at using Linux, and am having problems configuring my DHCP settings. The connection failed during the install, and when I tried to set it up manually, I get a message saying that the an "error occurred while the dhcp daemon was restarting". I have as my domain, which is what shows up as my Connection-specific DNS Suffix in windows (Seemed like the only thing that could go there), as my primary IP, my default gateway, and also listed as an IP through which forwarding can occur in the DNS settings. I am using a D-link router, and am unable to connect to, the admin page, although the internet works fine on my windows desktop and the other computers on the network. When I type in ifconfig eth0, I do not get an inet address line, only an inet6 address line. I also don't see the MASK in there anywhere. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.