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Thread: gstreamer

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    I did installed this one and also the plugins as well. I just want to test it with amarok. From amarok sites, it said to installed mad and gstreamer plugin for mad too. I did it, just one place Im stuck. When gstreamer engine is choosen in amarok. Messagebox appeared said that I have to run gst-register first. I opened my console and there is no gst command. Using console as root also I cant find the command. Just want to ask how to run this command.
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    Run the following from the command line:

    gst-register --help

    man gst-register

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    oryxz@zurufuderi:~> gst-register
    bash: gst-register: command not found
    Thats what happened when I type it.
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    You need to run the '-- help' after, thus:

    linux:# gst-register --help
    Usage: gst-register [OPTION...]

    Wrapper options:
    --print Print wrapped command line
    --gst-mm=STRING Force major/minor version
    --gst-list-mm List found major/minor versions

    Usage: gst-register-0.8 [OPTION...]

    Help options:
    -?, --help Show this help message
    --usage Display brief usage message

    GStreamer options:
    --gst-version Print the GStreamer version
    --gst-fatal-warnings Make all warnings fatal
    --gst-debug-help Print available debug categories and exit
    --gst-debug-level=LEVEL Default debug level from 1 (only error) to 5
    (anything) or 0 for no output
    --gst-debug=LIST Comma-separated list of category_name:level
    pairs to set specific levels for the
    individual categories. Example:
    --gst-debug-no-color Disable colored debugging output
    --gst-debug-disable Disable debugging
    --gst-disable-cpu-opt Disable accelerated CPU instructions
    --gst-plugin-spew Enable verbose plugin loading diagnostics
    --gst-plugin-path=PATHS path list for loading plugins (separated by
    --gst-plugin-load=PLUGINS Comma-separated list of plugins to preload in
    addition to the list stored in environment
    variable GST_PLUGIN_PATH
    --gst-disable-segtrap Disable trapping of segmentation faults during
    plugin loading
    --gst-scheduler=SCHEDULER Scheduler to use (default is 'opt')
    --gst-registry=REGISTRY Registry to use

    Application options:
    --version print version information and exit

    I've never used this command but the above info may point you in the right direction ....

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