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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexK
    Did you check my previous post for the rpm thing.

    if you take a look at /boot/grub/menu.lst you will see that the failsafe entry has a ton of options after it. Try adding one of these one by one to the normal suse entry by using grub's edit function when it loads. i.e. hit e to edit when grub loads.

    Another thing to do would be to load SUSE as normal, i.e. not failsafe, hit ESC and see where exactly it hangs.

    If none of those work, try a compkete reinstall.
    I'm going over the rpm thing now and will try reverting anything done in the last couple days. If that doesn't work I'll try menu.lst. Unfortunatly the esc key doesn't do much until the system is almost done booting. Since Suse has had problems it automatically drops the splash screen at init5 so I've been watching it hang.

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    I must not have rebooted this machine for a lot longer than I thought. Somewhere along the way kdebase3-kdm was upgraded from 3.4.2-26 to 3.5.1-27, the 3.5 version breaks kdm for me, I've tried a few times back and forth now just to be sure

    I had downgraded / removed several packages through yast, played with every possible combination of flags in menu.lst to no avail. Then I had a flash of inspiration and tried using gdm instead of kdm and it worked. Downgraded the kdm package and set to boot with kdm and volia kdm worked. Upgraded kdm... it died! So I'm back to 3.4.x

    Thanks for all your help, I'll be back.

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    congragulations on getting it working, I am glad to have been of some assistance.
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