I had to change my main harddisk, and I decided to use the opportunity to get started with Linux. I got Suse 10.0 on a DVD with Linux Magazine, and after installing the harddisk I put the Suse DVD into the DVD reader. It booted without problems and initiated the installation. However, I stopped it because I have always heard that windows should be installed first. So I installed my w2k, but after that the Suse DVD would not boot, w2k booted indstead, no matter what I did. So I upgraded my bios and got the possibility to disable all booting options other than CD/DVD. Now Suse booted and I got it installed. But after that I am not able to boot from a DVD any more. I got 2 more bootable DVDs with Linux Magazine, but instead of booting the screen says: "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter."
What did Suse 10.0 do to my system, and what can I do now?
I am a newbie and I feel rather lost, like when I started learning dos nearly 25 years ago.