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    Uninstall MySQL-4.1.18

    I installed mysql-4.1.18 from downloads after downloading the source file (tar.gz).
    I want to re-install the server and client as I have made a few errors and want to fix the installation by installing it properly.

    Can anyone give a clear way to un-install mysql, or is there more to it than stopping the service and removing all the files and directories created during the installation (I am not sure if I know where all the files and directories were created)?

    Thanks for any help

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    Uninstall MySQL-4.1.18 from SuSe-9.3

    If anyone had the same or similar question, this is what I did, which seemed to work:

    1. Stopped the mysql daemon ('/etc/init.d/mysql.server stop' AS root)
    2. found all mysql related files and directories ('find / -name mysql' also as root)
    3. removed all files and directories pertaining to mysql ('rm -R [PATH TO MYSQL FILES AND DIRS]')
    4. I left the docs directory and contents in place as I didn't want to have to re-download these.
    5. I was now able to install from scratch without any preconfigured parameters etc.

    If anyone knows of anything I have done that will upset the apple cart, please let me know (and anyone else who may try this), but the above seemed to work fine.


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