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I read closer and realised that your problem is not just with firefox. I just gave that as a typical example. Like many people who post here
you don't give enough information. What other web browsers did you
try? Did other programs run slowly - give an example. How about the
file browser, was that running really slowly? We can help you to solve
your problem but if you don't have the patience needed to find a
solution then its best to forget the whole thing.
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HELP! My web browsers are lagging... images load slow, pages scroll VERRRY SLOW, no matter which browser I use, (Firefox, Mozilla, Epiphany, Konqueror) & no matter which window manager/desktop environment. I have a 3Mbs/768Kbs DSL connection, so thats definitly not it, I've used other distro's and when I boot Windoze I don't have any problems, but since I first booted SuSE last week, my browsers have lagged. Could it be my firewall?.....doubtfull huh? PLEASE HELP T/Y
You said you read closer, and need more information about what other browsers I used, and what other programs ran slowly, or my file browsers. Well read closer, I only said it was my browers, i didn't say anything else, because nothing else was wrong, and I said i tried Firefox, Mozilla, Epiphany, & Konqueror. I was also dealing with the problem for about 5 days before i joined "Linux Forums", then I tried to get help for 4 more days before I gave up, I was patient, considering, I'm not a newbie, or a Windozer, I'm uncomfortable outside of Linux, and I can only deal with it for so long, i guess 9 or 10 days is my breaking point.

P.S. Shaun, explain how I wasn't informative enough. I explained all the things you said I didn't.

P.S.S. Oh, and before you say it, its not my router, I use PPPoE, and yes i kno how to set it up.