Problem 1.

The last time I updated the kernel (2 weeks, tops) I had to re-install SUSE to try and get it to boot. In other words, the update caused SUSE not to detect my Hard Drive. This problem is decribed in more detail
Problem 2. (SOLVED)

SUSE uses 50% CPU when idle. I have a 2.8ghz Hyperthreaded P4. This seems to be too much. Simply using the drag-selector causes CPU usage to go to 100% and the desktop to severely stutter. I tried installing the latest nVidia drivers, but it doesn't support my kernel.

EDIT: I think I found the problem. nvidia-installer is taking 28% of my CPU. It won't let me terminate. What should I do?

EDIT2: Did an su to root and killed it from console.
Problem 3.

I cannot figure out for the life of me how to print to a Printer residing on a networked Windows machine. The printer is an HP DeskJet 722C. It is shared on all my windows PCs. It doesnt show up when browsing the network with smb://.

Truly the only reason I am so attatched to windows now is printing and gaming. I would at least like to have SUSE print.