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    Patitioning omg help

    Ok, so i had windows then i pushed my PC past its limit got like 8 blue screens a day then, well...... i get to the windows load screen and blue screen and i cant go any farther.

    SO linux is the answer i try and load it but now its having Partitioning errors because well the hard drive is probably corrupted, cant i just wipe it and what not. i need help

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    When you say you try to "load" it, does that mean when you try to install it or when you try to boot it after installation? What are the exact errors you are getting? What are you wanting to wipe? SuSE? Your hard drive? Windows? The more information you can give, the better someone will be able to help.
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    Yeah, more info would help.

    While you are on the right track in your upgrade from windows to Linux , it does sound like your hard drive may be dead. As you are installing SUSE, you will come to a screen that shows you how it will do its partitioning. If you click on the "partitioning" label on this screen, you can then set up the partitions as you want. If, after you do that, you are still having trouble, more info about your exact drive and system would help. Also, you might try replacing that drive with a different one to see if SUSE will play nice with it. If so, then your hard drive is probably dead.

    That's all a little general, but, well, we need more info to be able to help you better.

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