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    How do I turn on services in SUSE 10?

    The service program [on,off] does not work for SUSE 10. I need to know how to enable a particular service on the box, I know how it is done in Redhat but SUSE must use some different commands.

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    If you are refering to run level services then try here:

    Yast>system>system services

    This will allow you to set will services run at boot time.

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    OK that will work but I was refering to the non graphical commands to turn services on and off. I am reviewing the documentation right now, maybe the SUSE command is system services > program name > on/off.

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    I really need to know the commands for starting and stopping services and although i can use YaST I need to be able to turn on and off certain services remotely. I have searched through the documentations and I am having trouble with it. Like I have stated before "service" was the RedHat command.

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    Not really a solution, more of a temporary work around until someone else finds a solution.

    If you type 'yast' (without quotes) from the command line then you can fire up Yast in text mode to enable/disable these services same as you would from a GUI. However, these are run-level services so reboot would be needed for them to take affect.

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    if you want to start or stop a service the following command should do it for you during the present session (once you reboot, you'll have to do it again):
    /etc/init.d/service_name start/stop/restart
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    Actually since I configured the service to start on boot it will run in the backround as default. I just needed the commands so I could turn it of remotely and now I can, and plus I can also reboot remotely. Thanks for your help.

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